Crash Course

Purpose : –Revising all important concept of (XI & XII ) for Entrance Examination & giving final touch in the preparation.

Point : – Difficult concepts are visualized through video clips (using Projector).

Useful for students of XII Class just after CBSE Board Exam and Dropper Student who require Final Touch / Revission in their preparation.

Four Classe a week and each class of 1hr.40Min.duration for 11 week .

(7 week before board)

All Chapters from XI and XII syllabus are conered during teaching.

Study Material on All chapter with almost 60 questions in each chapter , covering all usefull concepts for entrance.

All questions in study material are objective including previous year , IIT AIEEE And PMT questions.

Duration : – 65 hrs. of Teaching (from 15 Dec to 15 April , XII th syllabus – Before Board , XIth syllabus Afther Board).

Unmatched Quality ? Non Parallel Result In Physics, By Er. Pankaj Kumar, Ex-Fiitjee ? Ex-Narayana Teacher.